1. Account Setup

Baidu put in place a manual screening process to ensure that your business is a valid legal entity and provides products and/or services that are legal in China. This can be quick and easy with our help.

  1. Please submit a copy of your company registration certificate and the URL of your website to us.
  2. Regulated sectors such as Airlines, Travel Agents, Finance, Banking and Pharmaceuticals may require additional documentation.
  3. We verify that your site follows all Baidu guideline and can be accessed within China
  4. On your behalf we submit the application and supporting documents to Baidu, including all required official translations by Baidu authorized agent, and guide you through any additional requests by Baidu such as minor changes to your sites. Baidu often ask you to include a short Chinese version of “About Us” and “Contact Us”.
  5. Once account is approved and created by Baidu, we send you the login and detailed instruction for accessing your account. Marketing campaign can now start
  1. We charge a flat fee of $199 for account setup due at the time of application submission. The fee is refundable for denied application.
  2. Unlike Google, Baidu is a pre-pay system and does not accept credit card. Your campaign runs until your funds are exhausted. A minimum deposit of of $1000 is required at the time of account setup. We can proxy the payment for you. You may refill your account anytime or close your account to receive refund of any remaining credit.

2. Marketing Campaign

  1. Target customer in China: geography, demography
  2. Current marketing efforts, both digital and traditional
  3. Knowing competitions
  4. Budget
Using the information you provided, we design a plan for your campaign. We leverage our deep knowledge in the behavior of China online users, Baidu search algorithms and ads program.

  • Research keywords relevant to you business. Design a set of cost effective keywords by combining both short tail and long tail ones
  • Baidu manually screen all keywords to prevent ads on topics such as gambling, pornography, and counterfeit products. we’ll represent you through the process.
  • Copy write your ads in China and English following Baidu Guidelines
  • Please let us know if there is anything requiring fine tuning. This will be an iterative process until you are satisfied.
    Once account is set up and keywords are approved, your ads can go online.
    We monitor the effect of campaign and make adjustment when necessary. You will receive weekly updates in English.